Monthly Archives: December 2007

The blog before Christmas

Twas the blog before Christmas when all through the ‘sphereMany creatures had posted the ‘worst and best of’ the year. The rants were all TrackBacked, Delicious to sharein hopes that St. Googleus soon would be there. When out in the geek-world a new app appearedWith a jolly old Scoble telling all who will hear… Now Facebook! now YouTube! now MySpace and Flickr!On Blogger! on WordPress! on Jaiku and Twitter! And me with my search engine going full tiltJust couldn’t keep up and was feeling some guilt. So I checked Technorati to find out a rankingAnd subscribed to a fresh feed…

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Blogger’s guilt

Yes, I’ve been feeling it all month, as day after day breezed by and I didn’t post a single entry (till now). So I figured it’s time to come clean and say that I’m happily shedding that guilt (which, by the way, is a pretty self-serving emotion in the first place). December has become my unplanned blog vacation. Maybe it’s the start of a tradition (check back with me next year). The truth is I’ve been having too much fun enjoying the oft-hectic festivities of the season, spending time with family, friends and colleagues, decking the malls… Last week, my…

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