Monthly Archives: May 2010

Air Canada takes credit

Credit cards, that is. On a morning flight to Winnipeg, I was anticipating my delicious Harvey’s ham and egg breakfast sandwich. But when I handed $5 to the flight attendant, she informed me that Air Canada no longer accepts cash for snacks, beverages or anything purchased on flights. They don’t take debit cards either. The transition happened May 1.  But I was as surprised to hear about it as the woman seated next to me. One flight attendant explained that FAs often had a lot of cash at layovers, which would sometimes be stolen. And they were responsible. So this…

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What’s that blanket doing under the kitchen sink?

I actually found one not too long ago and wasn’t sure why it was there. (There was a good reason, though I’m not going to get into it.) But it made me think that no matter how hard we try to be organized, humans are drawn to clutter.  Or perhaps clutter is drawn to us. We seem programmed to accumulate, collect and save. We want so we get. And we continue on this path ad infinitum. Except for one thing: storage is ‘finitum’ – at least in this world!  And pretty soon we run out of org space, switch into…

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Who are we?

I ask the question in my -30- segment on this week’s Inside PR (2.03). And it feels like PR people – and especially senior practitioners – ask it a lot.  You’d think we’re all existentialists or something. But the fact is, our profession seems like it’s always searching for its raison d’etre. It’s not as if we’re in our infancy. The Canadian Public Relations Society, for example, has been around for more than 60 years; yet we just came out with a formal definition of PR in 2008. Let me ask you: how many times have you responded to the…

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