January 2011

Three social media tips for PR managers

On Friday, the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms presented a PR bootcamp with presentations and panels led by some of Toronto’s agency leaders.

The sessions included talks on motivating and challenging staff, selling PR to senior management and pitching to win. The keynote speaker was John Stackhouse, editor-in-chief of the Globe and Mail, who was candid in his assessment of mainstream media and some of its challenges adapting to the new environment.  (He did say there was no reason why journalists did not to open attachments, an excuse many of us have heard over the years.)

I had the pleasure of being on a social media panel with Joe Thornley, Alex de Bold and Mark Evans and moderated by the always eloquent Michael O’Connor Clark.  We started by each offering three tips to help PR practitioners get a better grasp of social media.  

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Publish or perish

That’s an expression from the hallowed halls of academe.  Young profs looking to secure a tenured position were expected to write and publish research in scholarly journals to build a profile and move ahead.

How does this apply to PR?  

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C.C. stands for compelling content

Content Rules Book CoverThere are some people like C.C. Chapman whose passion is infectious. Even when he disagrees with someone, he says it with a smile and in such a way that the other person feels like they’ve been treated with respect and not shot down.

This week, C.C. was touring Canada and appearing at Third Tuesdays to launch his new book, Content Rules.

His message? It’s  all about the story – what it is, how you tell it and making sure you have something to say.  He’s a natural performer whose his delivery reminds me of a stand-up comedian. And who better than a comic to know the immediate value of a story (laughter or silence)? In many ways that’s similar to the immediacy on social networks.  

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A few nuggets from the editor of the Harvard Business Review

At the recent Counselors Academy excomm meeting, I had the pleasure to take part in an intimate roundtable discussion with Karen Dillon, editor of the Harvard Business Review. Karen was smart (as you’d imagine), open, candid and offered some thought-provoking comments I wanted to share. 

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From the desk of Counselors Academy

This week I’m in New York for the Counselors Academy winter board – or excomm – meeting (that’s executive committee). I’ve said it many times, but Counselors is one the gems of the PR industry; where agency leaders get together and share information, ideas and best practices about the agency biz. The annual spring conference is my PR highlight of the year.  

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