June 2011

Is content becoming the new solution?

By that I mean: is the term ‘content’ going the way of the term ‘solution’? You know, morphing from a perfectly fine word to one that’s meaningless and cliched.

I first started brooding about content after a recent meeting. The poor word was bandied about like a badminton birdie by tennis pros (groan).  It was content this and content that, and leverage the content, and who’s going to repurpose the content, and what’s your content strategy for the repurposed content, and I’ll send you my content if you send me yours… By the end my head was spinning and content was turning into a shadow of its former self.

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A bigger fan of the story (than SEO)

On Inside PR 2.58, we talk about how Steve Rubel, one of the PR industry’s social media leaders, announced he deleted his two blogs – everything – and is starting again on Tumblr.

He cites search engine optimization as one of the main reasons for his decision and the fact that he wants Google to find all his content in one place.  And while he trashed the posts, his old domains are mirrors of the new site and automatically direct traffic there.

I was thinking about his actions after we recorded the show and one thing stood out: he doesn’t seem to care about his content.

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Inside PR 2.58: PR movies and a clean slate

This post was originally published on Inside PR 2.58.

Just before we recorded this week’s show, I had lunch with Guy Skipworth, a friend, colleague and long-time listener.  He had an in-person comment for us: that we should talk about PR more…

Thanks Guy, good point.

So… in the spirit of the comment and the fact that summer movies are being released, we thought we’d look at a few films that depict PR.  And while most of them deal with stereotypes and preconceived notions, they shed like on why so many people have a negative perception about our profession.

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Portrait of the artist – all it takes is one tweet…and talent

For the past year or so, my son, Jacob, has been creating and producing tracks – house music, as he calls it – electronic music in my world.

He’s been uploading them to SoundCloud, sharing them with friends and slowly building a following.

I think he’s really talented, smart and determined. But what can I say, I’m his Dad.

And so like any excited Dad – who also happens to be a social media addict and in PR – I encouraged Jacob to try to build an online community to promote his work. And like many level-headed kids (young adults?), he said, ‘Yeah, sure Dad… when I’m ready.’

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Mesh 2011: my Twitter notes

This week on Inside PR 2.57, we continue our discussion about conferences we attended and some of the things we learned.  (We also talk about Google’s acquisition of PostRank and the upcoming IPR-IPO :).)

Here are my Twitter highlights from Mesh (with the mesh11 hashtag removed so they’re easier to read):

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