Monthly Archives: August 2011

School daze…social media class starts September 10

Every fall I get the urge to return to school (lots of people do). And for the past two years I’ve been able to satisfy that need thanks to the social media course I’m teaching at McMaster University. It’s starts again September 10 and offers PR and marketing students an opportunity to learn about, understand and try social media tools in an informative and (hopefully) fun environment.  

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From image to personality

There are many PR folks who believe we’re in the image business. I respectfully disagree. When I think of an image, I imagine something impersonal, static, iconic – a Hollywood invention. It’s a manufactured likeness and not very authentic. I sure wouldn’t want to start a conversation with one.

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Five stages of social media acceptance

In my recent post on why PR industry leadership should to take up the gauntlet to reinvent the profession, I reference the ‘grudging accepters’ of social media. That’s one of five stages I use in presentations to humorously describe the journey to test, learn and understand social media.  Some people breeze through, others take more time and still others get stuck along the way and never advance to GO (getting on-board). Here are the stages:

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