November 2011

Who are we? A defining moment for PR

Too often the PR profession is defined by what it’s not: as in …not advertising …not marketing …not (just) publicity.

But it doesn’t address the most important issue: WHO WE ARE.

We’ve all experienced it; many people don’t understand what PR does. To some, we’re shadowy figures, pulling strings, spinmeistering, whispering – the darkest side of our industry and the one most often represented in movies because it makes for good drama.  And while those things do happen – probably more than they should – it’s a representation of a small part of the profession.

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Inside PR 2.78: The plusses of Google+

This was originally published on Inside PR 2.78.

We recorded Inside PR 2.76 on the day Google+ opened its pages to businesses and watched as companies developed their G+ presence in real time.

Now it’s a couple of weeks later, and we thought we’d take a closer look. Gini kicks it off by referencing her blog post on the topic. She calls out Google’s transparency in admitting they helped several companies build their brand pages in advance of the launch. However, she’s noticed some of those organizations haven’t grown their followings or done much posting. 

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Memories…Facebook turns into the way we were

Facebook wants to become our repository for nostalgia, or as Mark Zuckerberg says, the ‘story of your life’. And soon your Facebook page will resemble the DNA of your past. That is, once you get the new profile and Timeline (mine is above).

But is that where you want your life story written and displayed, all wrapped up in a nice neat package – that changes its wrapping rules all the time?

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Remembrance Day – 11/11/11

Every Remembrance Day, I think of my dad, a WWII veteran and a man with a supreme joy for living. He always shared his wisdom, ideals and opinions (often without being asked), but kept the horror of his war experience to himself. He passed away in 2000, and for me, Remembrance Day is like another Yahrzheit for him – a day to recall and celebrate his life. So today, thinking of him and everything he taught me, I’m going to republish a post I wrote in 2009.

November 11.

When I was growing up in Winnipeg we called Remembrance Day: Poppy Day. And every year when it came around, my Dad would return from work with a poppy on his lapel. Often, he’d bring some home for us and I felt it was both a thrill and an honour to wear one. It connected me with my Dad and by extension with history. It made me feel proud. 

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Presenting my social media class 2011

It's that time of year… my McMaster University social media course is in full swing and I want to introduce the class and their blogs.

This is the third time I've taught the course and as before, topics can be anything the students are passionate about.  Because the group is from communications and marketing, the writing is strong and you can hear people's voices come through.  And because they range in age from recent grads to boomers, you'll find an eclectic array of subjects. 

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