December 2011

The great candy cane conspiracy of 2011

The holidays are almost upon us and I don’t want to spoil them for you.  But there’s something I must share.

Now I’m not into conspiracy theories (well, maybe a little), but has anyone noticed the shortage of candy canes? I’m not talking about those second-rate peach or root beer flavours. I mean the genuine peppermint kind.  The ones that come in several sizes – regular, cigar-width and mini – and are wrapped in the kind of cellophane you can never completely remove.  

You know the ones I mean.

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Inside PR 2.81: On Google, Twitter and Marketing in the Round

This post was originally published on Inside PR 2.81.

On this week's podcast…

Listener comme‚Äčnts responding to our discussion on ‘mean girls in PR’… Thanks to Jessica Suter from The Change PR, Lizanor Barrera and our own producer, Kristine Simpson, who submitted an audio comment (and graciously edited it in). The consensus from everyone is there are a lot of good, honest and ethical women and men working in the profession (and yes, there are a few stinkers, too…). 

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Double waxy – guest post on Waxing Unlyrical: Don’t snooze through life…

Are you one of those people who hits the snooze button every time the alarm rings? Maybe you take it a step further and are just sleep-walking through life… you know, going through the motions.

It's pretty easy to do, especially when it comes to something like the repetitive nature of work. That is, knowing what works… or thinking we do…. 

You can read more of my take on the subject on Shonali Burke's blog, Waxing Unlyrical. (Darn, if only I'd thought of that name first… but I do feel at home there…)

Here's a preview: 

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Stop counting feet, start counting shopping bags

Having grown up in retail, I've always been fascinated by stores, shopping centres, customer service…

But there are times when I walk into a store, glance around and immediately walk out. Something just isn't right. Maybe it's a disconnect between the window display and what's for sale inside. Maybe the staff are obnoxious or too into themselves.  Whatever it is, it feels like a promise has been broken and a potential customer (me) is lost for good.

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