February 2012

Is PR going through the social media motions?

I recently wrote a piece for PR News Online about why it still feels PR agencies are missing the social media boat.  There's talk-sure, but not enough action (i.e. participation). 

Too many PR agencies are doing social media the way ad agencies do PR. Of course, I'm generalizing when I say this. But I've been in lots of meetings where ad folks equate PR with publicity—for the ad campaign.

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Social Media Week TO

Today Toronto and other many other cities around the world go social with the beginning of Social Media Week.

There are many great events to choose from and I thought I'd highlight a few I'll be participating in: 

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The Minority Report is here

Today's my birthday – I share it with Lincoln and Darwin. But I'm not writing for greetings (though they're always welcome :)).  I'm posting because of the surprise good wishes I received from someone I don't know, but do see all the time.


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The face of a new media company

With all the talk about the upcoming Facebook IPO and the insights into their revenue (85% from advertising), it's hard not to consider them a media company. And if you've ever seen a presentation by the Facebook sales team, you've already figured that out. They start with data and effortlessly segue into ads. 

Then there's YouTube, (soon to be launching original channels with shows by well-known producers), not to mention Google+ and all the other Google products.  Twitter may claim otherwise, but aren't they really a social newswire?  LinkedIn has hired editors.  Pinterest is still in beta, but as a souped up catalogue with social elements, imagine the possibilities. 

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Inside PR 2.87: We don’t delete comments

This post was originally published on Inside PR 2.87.

It’s been an interesting week around the web with lessons about good and not-so-good communications.  Gini mentions the blog post she wrote about the Susan G. Komen Foundation and how its decision to unplug their funding from Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screenings created a huge outpouring of support for Planned Parenthood and a reputation issue for Komen.

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