May 2012

Adding social to the capital

As someone who likes words and puns (and especially puns), the Social Capital Conference is a name that resonates for me on so many levels.

But it isn’t the name that makes a conference. It’s the programming and people behind it. And what makes Social Capital unique is that it combines both traditional and unconference-style sessions in a one-day event in Ottawa on July 21. The schedule’s currently being finalized but topics will range from understanding the latest tools, personal branding, online community building and social media in the workplace.

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Degrees of MESH: the conference as education

MESH conference in Toronto is all about ideas. Big ideas about social networks –  where we are and where we're heading. Questions too. The organizers present some of the world's leading thinkers and innovators who, over two days, share insights and challenge the audience to look at our connected world from a fresh perspective.  It's a bit like going back to university – in a good way.

This year was no exception. Here's a summary of my favourite sessions and some of the things I learned. 

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Arment Dietrich and Thornley Fallis – a social story

And it all began with a 50 watt podcast… 

When Gini Dietrich, Joe Thornley and I took over the reins of Inside PR, who knew it would be the start of a new vision for PR, communications and social media and an exciting partnership to boot? 

You may have already seen the announcement on the TFC websiteGini's blog and Joe's blog that Arment Dietrich is partnering with TFC to serve clients in the US, Canada and the UK. Exciting news for all of us. 

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But I wanna tell you…a plea for segues

If I can borrow Rodney Dangerfield's signature line, 'segues don't get no respect'.

For anyone unfamiliar with them, segues are those bridges-between-thoughts that get us from one idea to another. And carry us across and through different parts of a story. Listen to any decent comic's routine and you'll hear how effortlessly they're interwoven into the act.

Unfortunately, too many communications people ignore segues when they're preparing a presentation.  They flip from slide to slide as if each was a separate item on a shopping list. 

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Inside PR: 2.97: Jazzing it up NOLA style with Counselors Academy

This post was originally published on Inside PR 2.97.

Live from New Orleans… well live to tape – Gini, Joe and I are together at PRSA Counselors Academy’s annual conference for agency owners/leaders (and we all had our parts to play…). The theme is ‘Jazz Up Your Agency: Stylings from the Best in the Biz’ and we thought we’d recap our first day and a half. 

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