Sharypic: a real time online photo carousel at Counselors Academy

I first learned about Sharypic at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference, when Matthias Lufkens mentioned he used it a photo sharing platform at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

It's a new site and few people in the room had tried it. Joe Thornley set up a DI stream and we saw how well it aggregated Twitter and Instagram photos.

Now it's a month later and I'm in New Orleans for the start of Counselors Academy, the annual conference for PR agency owners/leaders. And we're testing Sharypic to visually capture our event with a live photo wall at the main sessions. 

According to Francois-Joseph Grimault, the site's creator, Sharypic gathers and displays photos in real time enabling participants to share their experiences and providing a visual archive. You can upload via the iPhone app, from Twitter using a pre-set hashtag or from the dedicated email address you get when you set up an event.

It's designed for public gatherings like conferences, trade shows and music concerts or private events like weddings or other celebrations; anywhere you have a group of people taking pictures. Sharypic is a virtual photo album with good potential for marketing initiatives like engaging brand ambassadors and awareness building.

Right now Sharypic is still in beta. The company recently added the ability to customize your profile and new features are coming online every few weeks. In the future you can expect to have the ability to share links from Facebook and social sites. There will also be a premium version.

If you want to preview how we're using it at Counselors, check out the #CAPRSA stream.

What do you think of Sharypic's concept? What marketing potential do you see? Do you have any suggestions for additional features on the site?

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Martin Waxman is a digital, social media and communications strategist, content marketer, social media trainer and instructor and co-founder of three PR agencies. He blogs at myPALETTE and hosts the Inside PR podcast.



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