A failure to communicate – and sell

My phone rang a few minutes ago. The gentleman on the other end said, I’m calling to renew your subscription to some magazine I had never heard of.

Now, like most agencies, we get lots of publications. But as I couldn’t place this one, I told the rep that I didn’t think we had a subscription.

Without missing a beat he said, OK, then will you be interested in a free trial?

I answered quickly, succinctly and in no uncertain terms.

Now, I love magazines and all media, for that matter. But I thought, this is yet another example of communication obfuscation from their industry – trying to sell by pulling the proverbial wool over my eyes.

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Martin Waxman conducts social media and online crisis training workshops, is a digital and communications strategist and speaks at events across North America. He's the co-founder of three PR agencies, president of a consultancy and has worked in the industry for over 25 years. Martin is a Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning Author, teaches digital strategy and social media, and is past-chair of PRSA Counselors Academy.

Martin Waxman
Martin Waxman

Thanks Russell. Good thing I'm no lawyer... Happy New Year to you, too.

Russell Cavanagh
Russell Cavanagh

"Obfuscation" ... ? More like deceit and attempted fraud.All the best for 2009. Enjoying sifting your blog ...