Marketing Magazine Column Archive

Here’s a collection of past Marketing Magazine columns:

Why It’s Nearly Impossible to Be Creative at Work
Why mundane work tasks often impede the creative mind

Live From North York – It’s Every Night
Exploring the connection between livestream video and cable access TV

SXSW 2016 and the Focus on Reality
Recap of the highlights of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival

Embrace Twitter’s Changes Before Flying Off the Handle
Digital is a disruptive technology, not only to media but also to itself

The Bigger Meaning of Small Data
On serendipity and the aha moments that spark creative thinking

2015 is Almost Over: What Have You Learned?
Recapping the year’s trends and highlights

A Trip Down Millennial Lane
Gazing at the media landscape through a younger lens

Why Your Brand Video Would Never Make it at TIFF
A few things brands brands can learn from indie filmmakers

Got a Mirco-Moment? I Want to Talk to You About PR
How to get beyond clips and practice PR in the moment

Don’t Be an Idiot on Twitter
Why a dollop of judgment before you post, goes a long way

PR by the Micro-Moment
Moving from clips to discovery at the optimal content moment

Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Honest Ed
Look closely – you’ll be surprised what you find

Moving to a More Social PR
On content, visual storytelling, connections and syndication

Why People Suck at Communications
Hint: it’s all about an overactive ego

How PR Practitioners Can Become Lifelong Learners
Tips on setting up your personal academy

The 2015 PR Playbook
Three ideas to think about in the new year

Scripted Improv: Is That Where Social Media Needs to Go?
Is your brand comfortable and sharp enough to throw away the script and play off the moment?

The Arrogance of Experience
Tips on how to reach media by media. Why do some PR people believe what they did in the past works better?

Time to Clean Up Content Pollution
Taking a page from the environmental movement and learning to conserve content

The Zen of Content Marketing
A guide to finding your Inner Ps

No Gamble with Content at SXSWV2V
Highlights from SXSW’s younger, brasher sister conference

Social Media, Boomers and Rock and Roll
Do boomers view social media the way their parents viewed rock music?

5 Takeaways from SXSW
A year of human spam, power gestures, comic crowdourcing and more.

How to Master ‘New PR’ to Win More Business
We call it many things – publicity, media relations and earned media – but new PR needs to do more.