Experience turned to arrogance is never a good thing

Should a PR person ever call a journalist? In many cases, the answer is a resounding NO. Yet it’s something senior practitioners tell juniors all the time. ‘Why are you emailing, pick up the phone!’

We live in an age where relationships and trust are more important than ever. And the border between offering useful info and being a spammer is getting murkier all the time. So what can communicators do to stay helpful, relevant and not be perceived as a pest?

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Content marketing: how to unlock creative ideas

After I graduated from university my first real job was playing the role of junior copywriter at Canada’s largest ad agency.

I had an office, clients – even a secretary to type memos and schedule appointments. I was in the company of Mad Men…almost.

The thing that excited and scared me most was coming up with that ‘Big Idea to Wow the Client’ – my chance to shine and live up to my department’s name.

This usually started with a brainstorm and I’d walk into the room ready to take centre stage. And then…brain freeze.

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Media relations versus new PR

What do you think of when you hear the word PR? Some people say advertising. But most equate PR with media coverage, as in big above the fold articles with eye-catching photos and standout quotes.

The industry has many names for that. PR agencies call it media relations. Publicists call it publicity. And in our paid-earned-owned-shared content marketing landscape, we refer to it as earned media.

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Are you a forward or a backward thinker?

That’s a bit of a trick question. Because, in a marcomm world that’s moving/changing as quickly as ours, the push is for innovation and coming up with the next big thing – fast.

Creating a disruptive idea that alters and improves the way we act/react.

To do that means you’re a forward thinker, right?

Maybe. But backward thinking has a role to play, too. 

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Make like Roger Sterling – and learn to adapt

I’ve recently run into two people I used to know – both respected members of the Canadian literary community. There was a time when a nod from either of them could propel a career to a higher plane. Each is smart and accomplished, with a biting sense of humour that cuts to the heart of any conversation.

And yet…both are desperately clinging to the past.

On separate occasions, they said the same thing. They waxed poetic (literally) on the pre-digital and social era when ‘quality was higher’ and print reigned supreme. Translation: they understood how the world worked and were at the top of their game. 

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