Content marketing: how to unlock creative ideas

After I graduated from university my first real job was playing the role of junior copywriter at Canada’s largest ad agency.

I had an office, clients – even a secretary to type memos and schedule appointments. I was in the company of Mad Men…almost.

The thing that excited and scared me most was coming up with that ‘Big Idea to Wow the Client’ – my chance to shine and live up to my department’s name.

This usually started with a brainstorm and I’d walk into the room ready to take centre stage. And then…brain freeze.

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PR relationships: from owned to shared

PR relationships: from owned to shared

There was a time when clients contacted PR agencies because of the relationships they had. And smart PR folks nurtured theirs over time and could tap into the proverbial Rolodex to help clients achieve goals (i.e. get press coverage).

And the world turned…

You’d often hear PR pros talking about the connections they brought to the table – let’s called those owned relationships. And the quality of those owned relationships is what differentiated agencies and helped keep the business from becoming a commodity. 

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The ups and downs of Everest and PR: two holiday gift ideas

red ribbonIf you’re a last-minute shopper like me – hey, there’s plenty of time – at least four days left – you’re probably starting to think about your gift list.

So in the spirit of the season, here are two suggestions. One is fiction, the other is not, but both are great stories that aim for the heights – and I happen to be friends with the authors (and in one case the publisher too).

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An integrated solution to convergence (and I’m only half kidding)

At first glance my headline reads like it was written by someone specializing in SEO.

Or that I fell on my head.

The words are awkward and jargony and seem like they’re trying to be much more important (pretentious?) than they actually are.

That’s partly because they’ve become cliches.

Which is too bad because at one time they all had useful meanings. 

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It’s all about the customer – too many agencies forget that

Having data about your customers is good. Having the right data is better.  And knowing how to harness that data properly is obviously the best situation.

A post in Harvard Business Review talks about how one company is using its data to understand its customers, gain insights on new products and even alter the supply chain.

This reminds me of how my dad used to run his business. He didn’t use a computer or any kind of database. In his store, he was his own CRM software. 

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