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Air Canada…I give up

I fly fairly regularly – not enough for the perks of super-elite status, but enough to be bumped around through the maze of disappointing service that is Air Canada. Sometimes I’m surprised by a staff member who is helpful or … Continue reading

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Air Canada takes credit

Credit cards, that is. On a morning flight to Winnipeg, I was anticipating my delicious Harvey’s ham and egg breakfast sandwich. But when I handed $5 to the flight attendant, she informed me that Air Canada no longer accepts cash … Continue reading

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Clearing the Air (Canada)

Last summer, I posted about my first experience with the new Air Canada electronic boarding pass (eBP) that was sent directly to my BB. At the time, it wasn’t that well recognized by airport security and was difficult to scan. … Continue reading

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My Air Canada mobile e-boarding pass

…was unscanable at security and the gate. But they gave me the benefit of the doubt and let me through both times. I kind of wish they hadn’t. (Posted from my BB post-flight.)

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Air Canada redefines Canadian map

Air Canada sent an email promoting their Canada East-West flight passes that piqued my interest. So I checked out the Eastern and Western offers and was proud to see that Manitoba (my home province) was included in both. However, my … Continue reading

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