Training, networking and developing your personal academy

Do you consider yourself lifelong learner? I didn’t always see myself that way. Yet when I look back, I realize I started my own personal academy 10 years ago around the time I co-founded my agency. And it began with two things: accreditation and Counselors Academy.

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Paul M Bowers: the importance of visual storytelling, part 1

In the beginning… I did not consider myself a visual person.

In any way, shape or form.

Having come from writing, I decided my blog would first and foremost be filled with WORDS.

And if you look back to the earliest days, you’ll find posts with loads of text (and hopefully some wit), but not too many visuals. In fact, here’s the first picture I used (a crappy stock shot and not integrated into the post at all).

Enter Paul M Bowers 

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We're all in showbiz

We’re all in showbiz – take two

A little more than a year ago, when I returned home from Counselors Academy conference in New Orleans, I wrote a post called We’re all in showbiz.

Clearly this is something I associate with Counselors because it was the subject of the 52N (five minutes to inspire) presentation I gave at the conference this year. This was an Ignite-style talk – 20 slides in five minutes that advance whether you like it or not. It’s tough because it all comes down to the secret of comedy – that is…wait for it…


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A tribute to Arthur Yann, APR

Many communications people were shocked over the weekend to hear the sad news that Arthur Yann, APR, vice president, PR, for the Public Relations Society of America died suddenly at age 48.  It was a tragic turn of events for a person in their prime.

You can read PRSA’s tribute to Arthur and also one from Gini Dietrich.

I wanted to add my sentiments.

I knew Arthur professionally, yet his warm personality made me feel like we were friends. I first connected with him when I phoned out of the blue to say that Inside PR wanted to become a PRSA partner and produce content we could both use. 

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Three reasons to attend Counselors Academy Conference

Three reasons to attend Counselors Academy Conference

Since 2005, as many of you know, PRSA Counselors Academy has been my annual must-attend PR event. In fact, I get so much out of the conference I volunteered to be its 2012 conference chair.

This year #CAPRSA is being held in Austin, Texas June 9 to 13, and in addition to the programming and people, it’s a chance to experience Austin without all the hullabaloo of SXSW.

My good friend Dana Hughens, who was last year’s co-chair, steps into the CEO role – that’s Chair Extra-Ordinaire :) – and, along with the team of volunteers, has assembled a W.E.I.R.D.* and wonderful line-up of content that’s bound to be thought-provoking, creative and fun. 

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