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What’s new: week of June 20, 2013 – Instagram launches video and the adtag is born

The rumours are true.

Today, Instagram announced it’s adding video to its platform, currently home to 130 million monthly users. The goal is to offer motion while staying true to their core principles of simplicity, beautiful images and community.

So what differentiates it from Vine?

The videos are 15 seconds long and you can delete and replace a portion as you’re shooting and not have to start over from scratch. Users can choose one of 13 new filters, have the ability to select a cover frame image and access the same social sharing options we already know. And Instagram launched an exclusive feature called ‘cinema’, which stabilizes your shaky videos and makes them easier to view. 

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Google+ gets a new look for spring

It's not just haute couture models parading down the runway with the latest spring fashions.

Google+ has done its first redesign since launching last summer and my initial impression is that I'm giving this a plus one for the right direction. 

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The Minority Report is here

Today's my birthday – I share it with Lincoln and Darwin. But I'm not writing for greetings (though they're always welcome :)).  I'm posting because of the surprise good wishes I received from someone I don't know, but do see all the time.


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Meet my new personal assistant

It's Google.  

Yep. The Internet behemoth is keeping track of little old me.  Not too shabby. You'd think I'd be happy to be chosen for such an honour.

But the thing is, I haven't been plucked from the crowd, it's more a case of not being able to opt out.

Like many of us, I'm a big Google user. I enjoy their products, how well they work and how integrated they are. Because of the company, I learned how to spell and almost understand algorithm. I'm also a fan of their minimalist design aesthetic.  

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Inside PR 2.78: The plusses of Google+

This was originally published on Inside PR 2.78.

We recorded Inside PR 2.76 on the day Google+ opened its pages to businesses and watched as companies developed their G+ presence in real time.

Now it’s a couple of weeks later, and we thought we’d take a closer look. Gini kicks it off by referencing her blog post on the topic. She calls out Google’s transparency in admitting they helped several companies build their brand pages in advance of the launch. However, she’s noticed some of those organizations haven’t grown their followings or done much posting. 

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