Shopping for ideas in 2015

When people ask me what I want for the holidays, I have a simple request: a fresh idea.

Something that sparks my imagination and makes my brain ache when I try to understand it.

You can’t believe how hard those are to come by.

‘But wouldn’t you prefer a book, a writing implement, the latest smartphone, a blue shirt, some fashionably-striped socks, a fine bottle of wine?’ those same people often inquire.

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In praise of bad ideas, not bad judgment

We’ve all heard the expression: there are no bad ideas.

And you know something? That is just. not. true.

There are some awful ideas out there. Real stinkers. But many times absolutely ridiculous-sounding, bottom of the barrel sludge can become the creative equivalent of a vaccine – a moldy concept that sparks a creative cure. 

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Content marketing: how to unlock creative ideas

After I graduated from university my first real job was playing the role of junior copywriter at Canada’s largest ad agency.

I had an office, clients – even a secretary to type memos and schedule appointments. I was in the company of Mad Men…almost.

The thing that excited and scared me most was coming up with that ‘Big Idea to Wow the Client’ – my chance to shine and live up to my department’s name.

This usually started with a brainstorm and I’d walk into the room ready to take centre stage. And then…brain freeze.

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The mainstreamification of social media and where we can go from here

lightbulbI don’t know if you caught the most recent Mad Men episode (and if you didn’t, this isn’t a plot spoiler), but for a show about the ad biz,  it ended with Peggy typing and saying the words, ‘for immediate release’.

Cryptic? Not so much. But when you do watch it, you’ll get a glimpse of the value Don and Co put on PR.

Last week, I wrote a guest post for Spin Sucks on what Mad Men can teach us about becoming the ad (or PR) agency of the future.

It’s based on something I’ve been noticing a lot lately and that we talked about in a recent Inside PR. Let’s call it the ‘mainstreamification’ of social media. 

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PRSA International Conference – Twitter notes

I tweet a lot at conferences (no kidding!) to share content that stands out for me.  And a few years ago I noticed my Twitter stream was becoming a virtual notebook from events.

Last week I was fortunate to attend the PRSA International Conference in San Francisco, as a speaker and sponsor – Inside PR is PRSA’s podcast partner. And I want to thank everyone who attended my session. I enjoyed meeting all of you and appreciated your questions. If you’re interested, I posted my Social Media Barometer slides online.

One thing you can count on from PRSA is they put a good deal of thought into the content. There’s always a first class line-up of keynote speakers and presenters and a terrific opportunity to network, chat with and get to know some really smart people. 

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