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Why I’ve checked out of Foursquare

Last winter, I developed a case of Foursquare fatigue. It’s not because I lost the Mayorship of the Annex, where I live. (I have to say for a few months, it was a tightly contested race.) And it’s not even … Continue reading

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Stop counting feet, start counting shopping bags

Having grown up in retail, I've always been fascinated by stores, shopping centres, customer service… But there are times when I walk into a store, glance around and immediately walk out. Something just isn't right. Maybe it's a disconnect between … Continue reading

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Bring back a little discretion

Growing up in the Midwest, discretion was part of my DNA. Yes, I’m Canadian but in many ways we were culturally similar to our American counterparts. So like a character in a Garrison Keillor novel, I was shy with feelings … Continue reading

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Last minute shoppers, there’s still hope

Guest post by Lindsay Peterson It’s the end of the year and yes – as Gini Dietrich said, I am a last-minute shopper (and proud of it).  But not everyone is. Some people, like my colleague, Lindsay Peterson, actually think … Continue reading

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What happened to Eatons?

Growing up, if someone had told me that Eaton’s would cease to exist, I would never have believed them. The department store was a Canadian icon. It had prime locations in downtowns and malls across the country, produced an aspirational … Continue reading

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When time is not of the essence

Maybe it’s the slower pace of Victoria Day (a holiday Monday in Canada). But I’ve been thinking about timeliness and how we seem to attach a sense of urgency to many things that may not require immediate attention. (That’s to … Continue reading

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Why I hate asterisks*

I was on the subway yesterday looking at the sale ads and getting ready to score an amazing deal…on something. But my hopes were dashed when I noticed that fateful symbol perched on BIG OFFER’s shoulder. And though it’s barely … Continue reading

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