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What’s new: week of June 20, 2013 – Instagram launches video and the adtag is born

The rumours are true.

Today, Instagram announced it’s adding video to its platform, currently home to 130 million monthly users. The goal is to offer motion while staying true to their core principles of simplicity, beautiful images and community.

So what differentiates it from Vine?

The videos are 15 seconds long and you can delete and replace a portion as you’re shooting and not have to start over from scratch. Users can choose one of 13 new filters, have the ability to select a cover frame image and access the same social sharing options we already know. And Instagram launched an exclusive feature called ‘cinema’, which stabilizes your shaky videos and makes them easier to view. 

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What’s new – week of May 1, 2013

curtain openingSo a big TV programming exec jumps ship and moves to Twitter… Seems like that says a lot about where new and mainstream media could be heading.

Here’s this week’s recap:

The news in Canada is not only that Twitter’s setting up shop, it’s that it has appointed, Kirstine Stewart, VP of programming at CBC TV, as the country’s first Managing Director. Ms. Stewart has a long and successful broadcast history. Now she’s going from 22 minutes to 140 characters and six seconds. It will be interesting to see what she brings to Twitter from a content POV. And in a semi-related story ‘live from the Internet’, Yahoo inked an exclusive deal to license SNL’s 38 year archive

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What’s new – week of April 24, 2013

NewIn the last week, we saw a fair bit of activity on the mobile front by some of the bigger social networks – and especially Twitter.

Here’s a recap of what’s new:

Yesterday the AP Twitter account was hacked and sent out a false tweet about the U.S. President being hurt. This led to a stock market tumble and then a quick recovery when the story was proved false.  It highlights the need for all of us to filter and verify content before we spread it. That may slow us down a bit, but it’s worth it. The latest hacking led to speculation that Twitter will soon launch a two-step authentication process to make its site a bit more secure. 

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Are you socially insecure, part two

You've been pinnedLast week I wrote about online security and how important it is to change passwords in order to safeguard your accounts and privacy.

Now I want to talk about that other type of insecurity – the psychological kind.

As individuals who are otherwise perfectly well adjusted, centred and completely at one with ourselves (aren’t we? :)), we all have those gnawing feelings of self-doubt. And our online interactions often heighten them. As in: We went to high school together, why is that person taking so long to friend me?; I followed that colleague, shouldn’t they follow me back?; I just shared their blog post, the least they could do is say thank you…

The list goes on and on…and on. 

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Are you socially insecure?

LockMany of us are – insecure, that is – though we may not realize it. And I’m not referring to our personal psychological states (maybe in another post).

Last Friday evening, I got an email from Twitter saying my account may have been compromised.  I often get emails like that from spammers pretending to be banks or PayPal and attempting to get information.  I never click on those.

The same goes for Twitter DMs that claim someone has a photo of you that is…well, shocking.

So I wasn’t sure about the Twitter situation and decided to check the site’s blog.  Sure enough there was a post indicating up to 250,000 accounts may have been hacked. There were other stories about it too. 

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