What we doStrategy. Training. Content marketing. Social PR.

Your company has a big announcement and wants to shout it to the world. Or you have an exciting product launch or some important company news. You want to get the word out, build awareness, engagement and your business.

Maybe you’re a startup or entrepreneur with an amazing idea so you create a business, build your team, delight your customers and, before you know it, start to grow.

These days you have to do more than issue a press release to make the news. You need to learn how to publish, produce and promote your dazzling stories. And in order to do that you have to think like a newsroom, create engaging multimedia content and amplify via social, digital and traditional channels.

How we help

We work with you to create standout content marketing, social media and social PR programs that engage, educate and entertain. This includes:

Develop goal-oriented strategies and actionable content marketing plans with measurable objectives.

Train your team on the latest social and digital media trends by giving them the skills and tools they need to bring your content marketing programs to life.

Develop and implement an online blog/newsroom as your content hub, optimized for discovery and search.

Research, identify and build relationships with media and online influencers.

Amplify your news and stories via social PR (paid, earned, owned and shared media).

Lead creative idea generation sessions and establishing a workable content/editorial calendar.

Write high impact blogs, articles and stories, scripts, news posts and releases, Q&As, talks and presentations.

Produce sharable videos, podcasts and multimedia brand stories.

Social media audits to identify insights, opportunities, challenges, audiences and communities.

Real-time crisis and issues management strategy and counsel.

An approach that’s tailored for you

We help clients big and small develop strategies, uncover, write and edit your stories, find and develop your brand voice, select the optimal social channels and train and guide your team. Consider us as your outsourced editor-in-chief.

Interested to hear more? Please contact us to discuss how we can prepare a program that’s custom-designed for your needs.