What’s new – week of May 1, 2013

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curtain openingSo a big TV programming exec jumps ship and moves to Twitter… Seems like that says a lot about where new and mainstream media could be heading.

Here’s this week’s recap:

The news in Canada is not only that Twitter’s setting up shop, it’s that it has appointed, Kirstine Stewart, VP of programming at CBC TV, as the country’s first Managing Director. Ms. Stewart has a long and successful broadcast history. Now she’s going from 22 minutes to 140 characters and six seconds. It will be interesting to see what she brings to Twitter from a content POV. And in a semi-related story ‘live from the Internet’, Yahoo inked an exclusive deal to license SNL’s 38 year archive

LinkedIn just went visual. The platform announced that users will now be able to add photos, videos and presentations to their profiles so they’ll no longer all look the same. Rich media and visual customization means people can get more creative with the look of their resumes (but hopefully not with their experience). Sure beats photocopying them on colored paper to stand out.

Ephemeral messaging seems to be an emerging buzzword with sites like Snapchat letting people send texts and visuals with a short expiry date – that is, they’re not stored ad infinitum. Enter Blink – a mobile platform currently available on iOS. Right now, users can share disposable text and pictures, with video and other features coming soon.

This isn’t new-new, but Robert Scoble’s Google+ review of Google Glass sheds light on how transformative the new product could be – if it comes in at the right price point, that is. Glad to see people who have prescription glasses are able to wear it, but afraid it’s liable to make me even less focused than I am :).

What have you noticed that’s caught your eye?


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Kara McAulay
Kara McAulay

I have a question!  Will the LinkedIn customization be available for 'basic' subscribers?  Thanks!