Digital and social media strategy, training, workshops, content marketing and social PR


You don’t have to be a big-time blogger, make videos and tweet up a storm to be successful in social business.

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Digital media enables your whole organization to become ambassadors and build relationships on your behalf.

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It’s more important than ever to offer your audience valuable and engaging content they can’t find anywhere else.

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Keynotes, workshops and presentations for organizations, companies and groups throughout North America.

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Training, networking and developing your personal academy

Do you consider yourself lifelong learner? I didn’t always see myself that way. Yet when I look back, I realize I started my own personal academy 10 years ago around the time I co-founded my agency. And it began with two things: accreditation and Counselors Academy.

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Why do so many people suck at communications?

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…”

Who doesn’t remember that famous line from Cool Hand Luke?

It’s one of those iconic, ironic phrases that uses few words to convey so much. And it resonates with those of us who work in PR, content marketing and social media.

You wonder why, with all our business savvy and skills, so many people and organizations are just plain awful at telling their stories. Aren’t there enough cases, books and training modules out there to help us do a better job? 

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Pray, don’t prey and pay for play – PR tips for 2015

We’re halfway through the first month of 2015 and no doubt many of us have already abandoned our resolutions. Despite the best intentions, old habits get in the way.  Sure, we tried to wipe the slate clean, but like an overused whiteboard, the shadows of some markers just won’t go away.

Maybe it’s a panicked, deadline-driven request from a client or co-worker. Or your boss doesn’t want to hear any ideas about streamlining the process or trying things a new way. Boom. Your back in old-you mode again.

So how can a communicator who wants to practice new PR avoid that trap?

Here are three things to consider: Pray, don’t prey and pay for play. 

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Shopping for ideas in 2015

When people ask me what I want for the holidays, I have a simple request: a fresh idea.

Something that sparks my imagination and makes my brain ache when I try to understand it.

You can’t believe how hard those are to come by.

‘But wouldn’t you prefer a book, a writing implement, the latest smartphone, a blue shirt, some fashionably-striped socks, a fine bottle of wine?’ those same people often inquire.

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Social media is a lot like improv

Canadians are naturally good at improv. Look at Second City, SNL, Kids in the Hall and all the standup talent from Yuk Yuk’s.

Maybe it’s part of our DNA: the feeling we’re always gazing at something we can’t have. We’re also polite, happy to give people the benefit of the doubt and generally comfortable going where the flow takes us.

Social media’s a lot like improv. To do it well, a brand has to think on its feet and perform! Sometimes you click into the prevailing ethos and it’s pure magic – like when Oreo dunked in the dark. But mostly it’s TV-ad-dull unless it devolves into that can’t-believe-you-went-there dumb behaviour. U.S. restaurant chain Dave and Buster’s recent racist tweet comes to mind. 

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