Martin is a high-energy, entertaining and engaging speaker. He delivers keynotes, presentations and featured talks for organizations and businesses throughout North America on social media, digital communications and social PR.

Here’s a  list of some of Martin’s most popular talks:

Putting the AI in PR – Artificial Intelligence and Public Relations

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data have been discussed so much in the past few years, that they have become like buzzwords, and many people’s eyes glaze over when they hear them. Yet, for communicators and marketers, the concepts present many opportunities and challenges, and it is imperative for professionals to educate themselves on the subjects, learn how to adapt, and how and where to add value. Martin Waxman shares his journey into discovering what AI is and does and offers examples that help simplify AI and shed light on what some of the benefits, opportunities and issues might be.  And he offers a framework for the types of skills communicators may need to learn, and recommendations on how the industry can take on a leadership role.

5 Hot Trends in Social Media and Digital Technology 

Digital communications and social media are in a constant state of flux. Traditional media continue to shrink, fake news is on the rise, and communicators must learn to adapt to the paid, earned, shared, and owned landscape. But what new developments are on the horizon and how will they alter marketing and PR? This interactive session features five trends, and the challenges and opportunities they bring: semantic and voice search, fake news, mobile first communications, chatbots and AI. 

PR in the Micro-Moment – Strategies to Reach a Mobile Audience
91% of us pick up our smartphones to search for info when we’re in the middle of something else. Google calls these, ‘I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, I want to buy moments. And the content we discover is an opportunity for marketing and PR. This entertaining session shows you how to win with customers when they’re in the moment.

Online Crisis Survival Workshop
When you’re in the middle of a crisis, how can you operate at social media speed and be smart, empathetic and strategic? This fast-paced and informative session offers digital strategies, best practices and ideas of how to respond, repair relationships and begin to restore your company’s reputation – in real-time.

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“Martin is a pleasure to work with and, as a speaker, knows how to communicate with any audience. His last workshop at SXSW V2V, ‘Supercharged Storytelling for Startups’ was one of the most popular and well-reviewed sessions of that year.
-Christine Auten, Executive Producer, SXSW V2V

“Martin is an absolute pleasure to work with. His presentations are consistently engaging, well thought out, and insightful.”
-Jeremy Harley, Communications Community Office, Government of Canada

Workshops and Appearances – 2018:

  • West Client Summit, New York: Putting the AI in PR: Public Relations and Artificial Intelligence (Oct 11)
  • TEDx Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto: A Big Jump into AI (August 7)
  • CPRS National Conference, Charlottetown: PR in the Micro-Moment – Strategies to Reach Mobile Audiences (May 28)
  • Communication Insights, Barrie: Top 5 Trends for Strategic PR in a Data-Driven World, co-presenter (May 15)
  • PRSA Counselors Academy, Toronto: Planning Your End Game, MC and moderator (May 6)
  • Soho House, Toronto ‘Like Minds’ Breakfast: Chatting About Chatbots – and All Things AI, facilitator (May 2)
  • Canadian Summit on Communications in Healthcare Settings, Toronto: 5 Hot Trends in Digital Technology, presenter (March 22)

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