Monthly Archives: March 2007

Start spreading the news

The weekend papers covered the latest NADbank data on readership in Canada and naturally put their own spin on the results. Toronto Star: “Toronto Star Remains Canada’s Most Read Daily Newspaper” Globe and Mail: “Growth of free dailies dropping” Toronto Sun (news release): “Toronto Sun: Fastest Growing Newspaper in GTA”But what really struck me was that just over half of the adults in Canada (51 per cent) read a newspaper everyday and spent about 47 minutes doing it (Editor & Publisher). This isn’t surprising given the number of English-language dailies we have in Toronto alone (six – including the free…

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Back from vacation. Still cold (with snow) in Toronto even though tomorrow is technically spring. I’ve been writing this blog since January and I wanna tell ya (as a Catskill’s comic might segue), there’s gonna be a few changes ‘round here. First off, you’ll notice a slightly altered name (I’m adding ‘PR’) and a new subtitle. Why? I’m listening to advice from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations Chapter 11, page 171 ‘Tip #1: Search engine results’. I want ‘em. I’m an optimist who’s hoping to become an optimizer. Also (from reading the book), the blog is going to…

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Vacation cold rush

Today on my way to work, I noticed the large windows on the King Street entrance of Metro Centre were completely frosted over. It looked spectacular. But it did remind me of what happens to my glasses when I come indoors from extreme cold. (The temperature was -22C.) I have a theory about this winter. I think somehow the calendar got pushed forward a month: so January should have been December, February-January, March-February and so on. I have absolutely no scientific data to prove this. It’s just a gut feeling. But the weather is backing me up. That said, it’s…

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