Monthly Archives: June 2009

A tale of two conferences: Counselors Academy and CPRS

I don’t usually attend two conferences in two weeks – much less two PR conferences. However, that’s what happened early in June when I twice ventured west: first for Counselors Academy in Palm Springs and then for the Canadian Public Relations Society in Vancouver. And I thought it’s worth noting some of the similarities and differences. Both conferences focused on social media and its application to PR; both had knowledgeable presenters and tier one keynote speakers (including Robert Stephens, Steve McKee, Brian Solis and David Suzuki – to name a few); and both had PR students live-blogging/tweeting about the events.…

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The community, the people: Counselors Academy 2009

I recently returned from Counselors Academy‚Äôs annual conference for agency leaders, my PR highlight of the year. I always come back from these gatherings with new friends/colleagues, fresh ideas I want to try and a renewed energy for the profession. I first learned about social media and its PR potential from Giovanni Rodriguez at CA2005 and decided right then and there to start a blog (though it took nearly two years of research and listening before jumping in). This year in addition to insightful and entertaining sessions, attendees contributed a rich and active twitter stream that offered a fresh dimension…

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Coming soon…

It’s been a while since I posted. And those of you who follow me on Twitter probably know I’ve been traveling, meeting and tweeting – and trying to keep up with emails. But I will be back shortly with a number of posts, including updates on Counselors Academy and CPRS conferences, three things I’ve learned from the recession (so far) and some ideas on the new PR. Stay tuned.

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