November 2010

Joseph Thornley: on social media measurement

Today in my social media class, Joe Thornley made the trip to Hamilton and offered his ‘measured’ approach to social media… measurement, that is. He began by talking about strategies to consider and how to set goals and then provided demos of some of the tools, both free and paid, that individuals and organizations can use.

Here are my Twitter notes for the lecture. (I normally can’t tweet much when I’m teaching, so this was a welcome break.)

@thornley: (#mcsmpr):

  • Social media measurement is not about the pretty pictures & graphs… it’s the analysis; look for insights.
  • 1st step in social med measurement: clear set of objectives. Actions are digital and therefore we can capture & measure them.
  • Before you start measuring, establish a baseline. Also brings you face to face w/what you want to measure.
  • Soc media measurement is a constant process-measure, analyse, refine (repeat).
  • Basic measurement tool 1: search.
  • @Klout is a forward-looking tool. It measures offsite interactions that can map your social network.
  • Recommends as a good tracking tool.
  • @postrank measures engagement; the kind of relationship where you promise something and deliver and people interact.
  • In a @sysomos buzz graph of ‘social media’, twitter & FB are at the centre.

Joe also showcased @Radian6 and its ‘river of news’.  And throughout he underscored the importance of true engagement versus counting eyeballs.

I’d like to thank Joe for sharing his insights and expertise – and for taking the time to be there bright and early on a Saturday morning! I know the class appreciated it and got a lot out of the session.

Do you have any other measurement suggestions/experiences? If so, I’d be interested to hear about them.

Ladies and gentlemen… presenting my social media class

For the second year running, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a social media course to the PR students at McMaster University in Hamilton.  Like the first time, the class is a diverse group that includes both recent grads who are completing their PR certificates, and working communicators in their 30s and 40s looking to upgrade their skills and familiarize themselves with some of new tools.

While it’s a bit of a schlep from Toronto to Hamilton early on a Saturday morning, I always look forward to the discussion and questions and watching the students find their voices and and gain an understanding of the medium.

The blog topics are written with personality and passion and include: advice your mom never gave you,  looking at one’s community through the eyes of a tourist,  making the move from renter to home buyer, culinary delights, hard-hitting commentary on the NFL and lots more.

So without further ado, here they are…

Name Blog Twitter
Jordan B @JordanBuchanan9
Robin D @RobinDeSouza
Amanda D @aPastryGal
Johan G @yojoin
Christine J @cj_cujo
Shannon K @skitchings
Jacqueline M @jacquemilinko
Elaine M @food_ink_dundas
Melyssa M @punky34
Claudia N @claudianiemiec
Theresa N @TheresaNoonan
Joanne S @scatpad
Laura T @LMThompson

I hope you drop by, pay them a visit and leave a comment or two. I know the students would be happy to hear what you think.

And if you’re interested to find us on Twitter, the class hashtag is #mcsmpr.

Remembrance Day

Each month, I write a brief president’s message for the CPRS Toronto eblast.  And I thought I’d share my most recent post because it touches on Remembrance Day.

A key part of strategic communications is the art of remembering; that is, reflecting on past events and behaviours and understanding how they might shape or alter what comes next.  And this being November, I feel that remembrance takes on a whole other dimension.  To those of us whose parents or grandparents served in World War II, it may be hard to believe it’s been 65 years since it ended. And while much has changed – for the better, I think – it’s more important than ever to recall the sacrifices our veterans have made and continue to make so that we can live in a country where freedom of speech is so much a part of our daily lives that we almost take it for granted. On November 11, I urge you to take two minutes to remember.

My Dad fought in WWII and I think of him with pride when I wear a poppy on my lapel.

A new fall wardrobe

That’s what my blog redesign feels like. You know, those times when you walk into a store, see what you want, instinctively know it will fit like a glove without having to try it on, buy it and leave within 10 minutes… (OK, maybe that’s a man’s idea of the ideal shopping experience.)

And in case you hadn’t noticed, the new colours match the energi PR website – which is also live.  Let me know what you think of the look – is it missing a tie? Accessory? Does it have the right shoes?  A special shout-out and thank you to Andrew Glenn, the talented graphic artist who created the site!

You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, too.

First came our IRL office, and now phase one of our digital home is ready an open house. Drop by, if you can! We’d love to hear what you think.