April 2011

The energi team is Aces

Wednesday was the annual CPRS Toronto ACE awards – celebrating the best PR programs of the 2010.  As president, I have the honour and pleasure of congratulating the recipients and handing out the awards. Special thanks to the committee for a wonderful and streamlined event, meaning I didn’t slow down the process posing for photos with all the winners. (Last year, it took me a week to wipe the silly grin off my face :).)

This year’s gala had a double meaning for me.  I was excited to present energi PR with our first award – a gold for media relations for our client Astellas’ Pharma’s community, The Powder Room.  

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Inside PR 2.51: taking the right steps in your career

I have a confession. I didn’t push the red button on my Zoom this week and had to re-record the first part of my tracks for this week’s show – solo. I had a listen and think the podcast sounds pretty smooth. And I want to give a big thank you to our producer, Kristine Simpson for going above and beyond and putting it all together!  Here are the show notes:

This week we start with a listener comment – a tweet, really – from @autumnthompson who asks what a new person like her can do to further her career. In past episodes, we covered advice for students looking for their first job, but we haven’t discussed how to move ahead in your career. So thanks Autumn.

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You’re killing me with your tone

When I started out as a comedy MC, I used to think killer material was all that mattered. If you had the best jokes, sharpest lines and coolest concepts (and I don’t mean props), you’d win over the crowd every time.

It didn’t take me long to realize how wrong that was.  As much as I hated to admit it, I soon learned that delivery is just as – or in some cases more – important than the writing.  

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Dear CEO – some friendly advice

Last fall, my good friend Gini Dietrich asked me and 30 other senior PR and marketing folks to contribute to a project she was working on. She was compiling a collection of letters to an unnamed CEO offering our honest perspective and advice.

The result is the recently published ebook, Dear CEO, now available on the SpinSucks website.

I think the ebook and her latest project, SpinSucksPro – a fresh take on how agencies can add education modules to their suite of services – are great examples of how Gini and her team innovate and push the boundaries of our profession. Both are worth checking out.

Anyway… here’s what I wrote:

Dear CEO:

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve written anyone a formal memo?  I watched a couple of seasons of Mad Men recently, and while I’m not in advertising, it reminded me of that crisp, useful document that was once de rigeur.  

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My PR agency highlight of the year

Every year around this time, I write about the Counselors Academy Spring Conference – a gathering of some of the smartest PR agency leaders you’ll ever meet. It’s happening May 13 to 15 in Lake Las Vegas (where gamblers go to drown their sorrows :)).

We come together to talk and learn about the business of PR – what’s new, what we need to change and where we’re heading. I caught my first glimpse of social media at CA via Giovanni Rogriguez and grasped the importance of billable hours (don’t ask) from Mark McNeely.

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