May 2011

Inside PR 2.55: Counselors talk about Counselors, Academy that is

This post was originally published on Inside PR 2.55:

GiniJoe and Martin are back at PRSA’s Counselors Academy Conference in Lake Las Vegas for the second of our two shows.

For those who may not be familiar with the group, Martin explains it comprises PR agency leaders and its annual conference is all about the business of PR.

Joe says if you run an agency, there are many great reasons to attend and then turns the mic over to some of our colleagues in attendance for their perspectives.

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Location, location, location…frustration

It seems pretty easy to get elected these days – and I don’t mean to the Canadian federal government :) .

I’m talking about reaching the highest office on Foursquare.

Lately, I seem to be a day or two away from becoming mayor of many places I check into for the first time. It’s happened recently at a hotel, an office tower, an indie bookstore, restaurants, The Toronto airport, the gym (where I definitely should not have the honour)…

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Inside PR 2.54: When the PR hits the fan

For the second time, Gini, Joe and I are in the same room for as we record Inside PR 2.54 – live before a studio audience… OK, we’re at Counselors Academy’s annual conference for PR agency leaders.

The following post originally appeared on the Inside PR blog.  Disclosure: I’m the conference co-chair for 2011 and chair for 2012.

Joe leads off this week’s discussion with: the Burson-MarstellerFacebook imbroglio.

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Then meets now: social media incarnations

I just returned from Counselors Academy’s annual conference for PR agency leaders (I’ll be writing a post about it soon). One of the many highlights was a keynote by Jay Baer, based on his new book, The Now Revolution.  He mentioned that some businesses use Twitter like a news release and their Facebook page as a glorified Yellow Pages ad.

That got me thinking about what things used to be and their current social media incarnations.

So here’s the beginning of a primer you could use for a modern day @ripvanwinkle who was just roused from a 40 year sleep:

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Inside PR 2.53: The first anniversary show for the new(ish) three

This week on Inside PR 2.53, Gini Dietrich, Joe Thornley and I rewind the past year’s podcasts and look back at what we were talking about when we took over as hosts in May 2010.

And going through the archive, you can see – er hear – there was a bit of trial and error as we tried to come up with a format that worked for us. And while we’re happy with the way things are going, we’re still tinkering and probably always will.

As we say on the show, it’s been a year of changes on the professional front for all of us. We talk about that and recap some of the trends we were watching 12 months ago.  

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