Experience turned to arrogance is never a good thing

Should a PR person ever call a journalist? In many cases, the answer is a resounding NO. Yet it’s something senior practitioners tell juniors all the time. ‘Why are you emailing, pick up the phone!’

We live in an age where relationships and trust are more important than ever. And the border between offering useful info and being a spammer is getting murkier all the time. So what can communicators do to stay helpful, relevant and not be perceived as a pest?

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What’s new? A roundup of new digital and social media apps, changes and news

NewSince January, we’ve been starting the UT SCS Digital Strategy Foundations class with a ‘what’s new’ roundup of some of the latest apps, sites and stories of interest and why they’re relevant to marketers and communicators.

Sometimes I found things, other times students brought them forward.

At our end-of-term tweetup, one of the students, Kara McAulay, suggested I keep this up as a blog series. I liked that idea a lot.

So each week, I’m going to present a sampling of  several social media developments that catch my eye.  

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Social Media Barometer comes to PRSA Western District Conference

Kimpton's FireSky Resort & SpaWhat Canadian wouldn’t want to be in Arizona in April? Especially when you can combine the idyllic weather with the high calibre programming Abbie Fink and Michelle Olson have curated for the PRSA Western District Conference, April 18 to 20.

I’m excited to be attending the event and presenting my Social Media Barometer – a look at some of the digital, social media and communications pressure points we’re facing as PR pros. I’ll be talking about the latest trends, issues and challenges and offering a forecast for the future.

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Digital Strategy Foundations class – talented first group sets the bar high

UT SCS Digital Strategy Certificate 2013 Foundations ClassAbout three months ago, I stood in front of a group of 25+ students who’d enrolled in the inaugural U of Toronto SCS Digital Strategy Certificate Foundations course.  I asked them to introduce themselves and talk about what they do.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say their responses took me by surprise. I had people who’d been blogging for five or more years, community managers, entrepreneurs, government and agency communicators, mobile marketers…

And I thought: what have I gotten myself into? This is going to be a challenging bunch. 

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The difference between writing, editing and publishing

typewriter w paper contentIt wasn’t so long ago when those were all separate functions.

You wrote something, sent it around and if you were fortunate enough to be accepted, your work was edited and then published.

That changed with social media.

The roles blurred and in many cases if you’re a blogger or content producer, you find yourself doing all three functions at once. Sometimes not very well.

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