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Experience turned to arrogance is never a good thing

Should a PR person ever call a journalist? In many cases, the answer is a resounding NO. Yet it’s something senior practitioners tell juniors all the time. ‘Why are you emailing, pick up the phone!’ We live in an age … Continue reading

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Supercharged storytelling for startups at SXSWV2V: 10 ways to get started

These days it’s not enough to be in the news, you need to create, produce and share it. And in order to do that you need to think like a newsroom and amplify stories via social and digital channels. We … Continue reading

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What’s new – week of April 24, 2013

In the last week, we saw a fair bit of activity on the mobile front by some of the bigger social networks – and especially Twitter. Here’s a recap of what’s new: Twitter Yesterday the AP Twitter account was hacked … Continue reading

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Three business lessons from the publisher of the New York Times

One of my old media pleasures, as many of you know, is reading the print edition of the Sunday New York Times. For one thing, the writing and thinking is always insightful and, sitting with my coffee on a Canadian … Continue reading

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Morning dip – how I manage the social media overflow

I'm often asked how I find the time to what I do, which translates into: how I stay so active on social channels and especially Twitter and still get my work done. A question for the ages… It's not hard, … Continue reading

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The face of a new media company

With all the talk about the upcoming Facebook IPO and the insights into their revenue (85% from advertising), it's hard not to consider them a media company. And if you've ever seen a presentation by the Facebook sales team, you've already figured … Continue reading

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If the media model is broken, is PR far behind?

We all know MSM is in trouble and has been for some time. And because of that, many outlets are experimenting with innovative ways to reinvent themselves. This isn’t new. But it was reinforced recently at MESH11. Emily Bell, formerly … Continue reading

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Is it time to ban voicemail?

Every Friday morning I look forward to our BPK sessions… er, ‘bitchin and pitchin in the kitchen’. The entire Toronto office gets together over breakfast to talk about the past week, identify trends, share ideas, celebrate wins, commiserate when we need … Continue reading

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A few nuggets from the editor of the Harvard Business Review

At the recent Counselors Academy excomm meeting, I had the pleasure to take part in an intimate roundtable discussion with Karen Dillon, editor of the Harvard Business Review. Karen was smart (as you’d imagine), open, candid and offered some thought-provoking comments I wanted … Continue reading

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The other side of the coin

I feel privileged to be of the Toronto folks selected to spread the word about Virgin America’s new TO/LA or SF flights. Actually, when I first got the email offerng a ticket, I thought it was a scam.  It wasn’t! So … Continue reading

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