Live from Third Tuesday…

…it’s Inside PR.

OK, it wasn’t a taping of David Letterman, SNL or the Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off*. But Inside PR listeners had a chance to get up close and personal with podcast at last week’s Third Tuesday Toronto (yes, it was on a Wednesday).

While, I generally avoid bars with dart boards, I made a happy exception for this event. For one thing, it was a chance to do the podcast in the same room as the hosts, Terry Fallis and David Jones, and the new guest panelists, Julie Rusciolelli and Keith McArthur (up till then, we’d been calling in on Sunday nights). And though I was a bit nervous facing a ‘live studio audience’, I looked forward to the interplay from the crowd.

Have a listen to the discussion (to be posted on Tuesday, April 8) and let us know what you think. We talked about everything from who owns the social media space: advertising or PR, to whether social media is recession-proof. (I think it is.)

And if you don’t mind a quick digression, I have to say the panel reminds me of the nearly prehistoric quiz show, To Tell the Truth. While there are absolutely no physical resemblances to the cast members, I’d say Dave is the Gary Moore-esque host; Terry is the erudite Bennett Cerf; Julie is the Kitty Carlisle of the group, witty, ebullient and classy; Keith is the thoughtful Bill Cullen. And though I don’t want to admit it, I may be the Orson Bean of the crew. (But thanks for the Dick Cavett compliment, Julie.)

Thanks to Joe Thornley for organizing the event.

Hopefuly, we’ll be back…

*Disclosure: Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off is a Palette PR client.

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Martin Waxman conducts social media and online crisis training workshops, is a digital and communications strategist and speaks at events across North America. He's the co-founder of three PR agencies, president of a consultancy and has worked in the industry for over 25+ years. Martin is a LinkedIn Learning and author, teaches digital strategy and social media at University of Toronto SCS and Seneca College, and is a past-chair of PRSA Counselors Academy.

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