The 10 stages of Twitter adoption

For anyone who wants to search Twitter in this blog, you can look back, look waaaaay back to my early reactions of bafflement and mild hostility to curiosity, acceptance and pretty much full-out Twitterholism.

And I think the stages I went through are similar to those many people experience as they attempt to grapple with, understand and appreciate the medium.

Here’s an encapsulation of my journey:
1. What the *#!*&@ is this? I don’t see the point.
2. This is just plain silly and a complete waste of time.
3. I don’t understand why some people I know and really respect are on it.
4. OK, I’ll admit, I’m a little scared to try it.
5. I signed up but only to see what it’s like, in case clients ask. (But I still think it’s dumb.)
6. I just tweeted (and said the word tweet). Nothing memorable or anything, but at least I tried it.
7. You know, I’ve found some really smart people to follow and one of them posted a really cool link.
8. Someone sent me an @ message/re-tweeted me/sent a DM.
9. I think I may have found my Twitter voice.
10. I am on this way to much – but it’s am following some amazing people.

Anything to add?

About Martin Waxman

Martin Waxman conducts social media and online crisis training workshops, is a digital and communications strategist and speaks at events across North America. He's the co-founder of three PR agencies, president of a consultancy and has worked in the industry for over 25+ years. Martin is a LinkedIn Learning and author, teaches digital strategy and social media at University of Toronto SCS and Seneca College, and is a past-chair of PRSA Counselors Academy.

8 thoughts on “The 10 stages of Twitter adoption

  1. Martin! I think your 10 stages of Twitter adoption sums the process up perfectly! I am currently a public relations student in the post-graduate certificate course at Humber College. A large amount of our discussion lately has been surrounding the phenomenon of social media and more specifically, Twitter. I have to admit that when I read through your 10-stage list it was almost comical how many stages I was able to relate with. While I have had a Twitter account since almost the beginning of the program (as encouraged by my Professors!) it has only been recently that I have understood the etiquette, relevance and effectiveness of this particular forum. Along my Twitter-path, there were some important points that I needed to grasp before I could use my account to (or at least be on the road to…) its full potential. I identify these as being: first, understanding how to build my Twitter community and knowing how to make it work for me. This is perhaps, in my opinion one of the key tools needed to really enjoy and use Twitter. Secondary to that, learning all the tools available, such as the @reply, re-tweet and direct message along with the online etiquette they entail. After mastering these techniques, I find myself much more enthusiastic to tackle the world of Twitter.Going back to your 10 stages, I would say at this point, I’m an eight and looking forward to reaching a ten in the near future!Thanks for the insight!

  2. Thanks for the great additions. And Julie…I guess this is my ‘so called’ life…I think you should try it.

  3. let’s make it a 12-step program and add two more: 11. gee i followed that person because i thought he was smart but all he tweets about is his lunch. would he be offended if i “unfollow”?12.these people who follow me just so they can promote their store/service/event are like the Twitter version of telemarketers

  4. 11. What’s all this #Mikeyy business about?12. Why are a couple hundred Social Media Experts following me all of a sudden?

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